I heard about the salt room (halotherapy) for asthma from my naturopathic doctor. So, I googled locations nearby in LA,
and finally visited this week. It was amazing! I felt so relaxed and my lungs felt more relaxed as well. I'm a fan.
Wonderful, relaxing, and I feel it still days later.
-- Marcy J.

Salt Therapy

The Salt Room at The Salt Studio

It has been known for centuries that breathing in salt air has amazing benefits for respiratory health and overall wellbeing. It is practiced throughout Europe, Canada, and Israel, where major medical insurance companies consider it an important preventive service. Whether you are suffering from symptoms of asthma, allergies, smoker’s cough or even sleeplessness, Halotherapy (also known as salt therapy) can help you breathe easier and live better. Learn more about Halotherapy and how it can help you.

Massage and Bodywork

Pasadena's Best Massage and Day Spa

At the Salt Studio, we are all about the healing benefits of salt, which can be felt from the inside out, helping you to look and feel your best. Our Massage & Bodywork services are salt-inspired without going overboard, all created with your ultimate wellbeing & beauty in mind. Our custom salt scrubs for the body contain a blend of Himalayan pink salt and Dead Sea salts and our organic facial care products contain a hint of salt as well. Our practitioners are certified professionals, bringing years of experience in healing touch and holistic skin care to our spa.

Organic Skin Care and Facials

Facials and Skin Care

Our organic facial services include the finest products and experienced estheticians. We've developed skin care for all ages and skin types. Working with nature, we empower your inner beauty to shine through.

In our SPA SHOP, you can find many unique, salty offerings for yourself (facial & body care),
your child (a warm, cozy lion friend) or a special gift (Himalayan salt caramels!) and much more.