Introducing… The Sacred Menu
Sacred Bodywork :.
Pele’s Rapture 90 minutes- $150

            {Fit for the Goddess of Fire herself!: Hawaiian Alaea salt + clay body scrub,

Lomi Lomi- inspired massage + hot volcanic (basalt) stones will awaken your inner fire!}

Heaven + Earth One Hour- $95

            {Connect with Mother Earth with a warm aromatherapy foot soak,
scrub + massage and an extended head, neck + shoulder massage
with hot stones will restore you to perfect balance between heaven + earth.}

MAMAssage Prenatal One Hour- $95 | 75 mins- $110 | 90 mins- $125

            { Ease your ever-changing-body’s aches and take time to connect with
the growing universe within you during the most sacred time.
Recommended beyond the 2nd trimester.}

Ixchel’s Dream One Hour- $110

            {Named for the Mayan Goddess of healing, this treatment is sacred care
for the body, mind + spirit, with chakra harmonizing, sacred smudge blessing
+ Reiki energy.}

Hands of Light | Reiki Massage with Diana Leone, LMT (Reiki 2)- 90 minutes- $125

            {Energy healing for physical, mental, emotional + spiritual levels
combine with massage techniques for a powerful, transformative treatment.}

Sacred Skin Care :.
Divine Guidance 90 minutes- $150

            {Raise your vibration with this crown-chakra awakening facial.
All of the Organic Facial features plus deeper tension relief with
heated stone massage for neck + shoulders, relaxing acupressure points,
cool stones + extended scalp (crown) massage with nourishing oils.}

Sacred Beauty with Sarah Adcock, L.Ac.- One Hour- $150

            {This acupuncture “facelift” changes your whole outlook,
using ultra-fine facial needles + microcurrent electricity to relax
fine lines and lift where you need it, for a remarkable difference.}

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