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“My son suffers from asthma, allergies and upper respiratory problems. The doctor had placed him on Albuterol and when things get bad then on a steroid med. All I can say is that this place has been phenomenal. He is barely on any meds now. His asthma is not completely gone but it has improved by 90%.” Ruth F.

“I’ve been getting massages here for about 3 months now and got massages from 3 of the therapists here due to my varying schedule. All were superb and everyone here is so so nice. I would highly recommend coming here if you’re a massage connoisseur or if you just want to relax.” A.T.

“The rooms are extremely pleasant, calm, relaxing and soothing to the sinuses. I have been going to the Salt Studio for a couple months to help alleviate my chronic sinus pressure symptoms. This place is great! They are really good at keeping this place clean and comfortable. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for alternative health options and some extra time to relax.” Jay W.

“I have now recommended this place to half a dozen patients and then have all expressed improvement from their sessions including one with a 2 month long chronic sinus infection that went away with three sessions. I enjoy the atmosphere and the staff are friendly and laid back. I will be back as needed.” Kevin C.

“Amazing!!! Just had a massage with Diana, best I’ve ever had! The salt rooms are incredible as well, never seen anything like it!” Tina G.

“Not only was I so relaxed and rejuvenated after my experience but my allergies were gone for two days after being in the salt room. I highly recommend that everyone has this experience!” Terese F.

“I love salt therapy because it has helped with my keratosis pilaris (a skin condition), I breathe better, sleep better, my allergies have decreased, I don’t get sick as often (and when I do it isn’t for as long as it used to be), and I have felt serious decreases in my stress levels.” P.A.

“I went for mothers day and enjoyed a salt scrub and massage. It was pure relaxation!! I felt so good after I left. The prices are so reasonable for a beautiful spa and great massage. The massage includes aromatherapy and the use of an infrared amethyst mat. Both of which would be extra charges at any other spa. The staff really makes you feel special and cares about your health and relaxation. This is my new number one spa of choice!” Terese F.

“I’m happy to report that the annoying cough I’ve had for the past 9 days is considerably better today! And, my 8 year old has already asked when we’re going back. Halotherapy is great for lots of different conditions and general health.” Suzanne T.

”I had a salt wrap, mud wrap and massage with a trip to the beautiful salt room as well. I have never had a mud wrap before, and it was amazing… I felt like a blissful burrito on the biomat drifting away to far away realms. My skin and body feels amazing… Diana is pure gold… I love The Salt Studio.” Abhayada S.