Relax with us. We address your body’s needs with a range of massage techniques and bodywork treatments, including salt scrubs, mud wraps and deep tissue. Our practitioners are certified professionals experienced in healing touch and holistic skin care.

By appointment only. Add one 50% off Salt Therapy session. Add heated stones for $10.

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CUSTOM Deep Tissue & Aromatherapy Massages

We specialize in therapeutic massage to fit your specific needs. Our custom massages can include deep tissue, acupressure, aromatherapy sensations and a variety of techniques and products you select from our menu of massage and bodywork treatments. Try a full hour for the perfect mid-day relaxation: work the kinks out, then bliss out. Our longer massages are great for specialized work and problem areas.

30 min | $55 and up
60 min | $90 and up
75 min | $105 and up
90 min | $125 and up

MAMAssage Prenatal

Ease your ever-changing-body’s aches and take time to connect with the growing universe within you during the most sacred time. Recommended beyond the 1st trimester.
1 hr | $95
75 min | $110
90 min | $125


Inner HARAmony (1 hr) | $95

The HARA is our center of personal power, also known as the third chakra. This massage treatment focuses on the stomach and promotes harmony and flow for optimal wellness and restored peace.

Sweat Session (1 hr) | $55

  • Detoxifies the body
  • Boosts endorphins
  • Burns calories
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Improves skin tone and clarity
  • Reduces formation of kidney stones
  • Improves sleep
  • Prevents colds and illnesses
  • Relieves pain and inflammation
  • Purifies blood
  • Revitalizes cells

Sacred Add-ons

Enhance and empower your experience with one or more of of our special add-ons.

Chakra Harmonizing | $25

Heated Stones | $10

Massage Cupping | $10

Single Area Mud Wrap | $25


Salt Studio Exclusive: Better Breathing Treatment (75 min) | $75
30 min breathing muscle and sinus area massage followed by 45 min Salt Therapy treatment session.

Body Basics (75 min) | $105
Exfoliate and rejuvenate with a salt body scrub (see above); detoxify and purify with a Dead Sea mud wrap (see above). Your skin, muscles, body, mind and spirit will thank you!

Salt Body Scrub
A favorite! Exfoliate and rejuvenate: custom blended Himalayan and Dead Sea salts and nourishing jojoba oil includes your choice of Aromatherapy blend; followed by a full one-hour customized massage.

  • 30 min Scrub Only | $55
  • 30 min Scrub & 60 min Massage | $130

Body Mud Wrap
Detoxifying, mineral-rich black mud from the Dead Sea is combined with far-infrared heat and Black Dead Sea Mud to detoxify, deeply relax and assist circulation. A great treatment for muscle and joint stiffness and inflammatory conditions. Followed by a full-one hour customized massage.

  • 30 min Mud Only | $55
  • 30 min Mud & 60 min Massage | $130

Spa Works (2 hr) | $175
This ultimate treatment will awaken your body, mind and spirit: a body salt scrub and mud wrap (see above) combined with a full one-hour customized massage.


Treatments to remind you that you are sacred.

Heaven & Earth (1 hr) | $95
Connect with Mother Earth with a warm aromatherapy foot soak, scrub and massage and an extended head, neck and shoulder massage with hot stones will restore you to perfect balance between heaven and earth.

Hands of Light (90 min) | $125
Reiki Massage with Diana Leone, LMT (Reiki 2). Energy healing for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels combine with massage techniques for a powerful, transformative treatment.}

Pele’s Rapture (90 min) | $150
Fit for the Goddess of Fire herself!: Hawaiian Alaea salt and clay body scrub, Lomi Lomi- inspired massage and hot volcanic (basalt) stones will awaken your inner fire!