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The Salt Studio is a new approach to well being, an urban respite merging modern life with nature. Through the simplicity of sea salt and the technology that allows us to effectively deliver its healing particles, we are able to provide relief from the irritating symptoms of skin conditions, respiratory disorders & various allergies.

At The Salt Studio, we provide a tranquil salt relaxation room for adults, a fun & engaging salt room for children and also massage & skin care services with a salty twist.

We believe in the simple truth that salt is a gift from nature and its use can transform our lives in the most harmless way, allowing us to breathe more freely and live more energetic lives. We are dedicated to promoting the importance of respiratory health, its healing and maintenance. Halotherapy gives us a chance to repair the damage that our urban lives can cause, resulting in less use of asthma and allergy medications and relief from painful skin conditions.

Diana Leone, CMT, CPMT                            Michael Leone, RRT, RCP  


Owners Diana Leone, a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, and Michael Leone, a Licensed Respiratory Therapist, have always worked towards helping people live healthier lives. When they found that they could combine their skills in a single wellness center, The Salt Studio was born.

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Meet our team

Diana Leone, CMT, CPMT
I seek to assist you to restore balance into your life. As the mother of 2 boys, I know the challenge and reward of good self-care. When you make self-care a priority the positive effects ripple out into all aspects of your daily life.
I find replenishment in nature and so I bring elements from Mother Earth into my work: grounding with smooth basalt stones, tapping the life energy of the plant world within essential oils and in harnessing the purifying quality of earth’s salt and the intelligence carried by precious crystals.
I restore my own balance by being in nature and regular self-care. I encourage you to do the same and schedule your next self-care service.
My massage style fuses western and eastern techniques with movement and the grounding energy of nature’s elements~ and my goal is to restore you to your own personal state of balance and harmony so that you can enjoy a more energetic, pain-free existence!


Pilar Brodie, CMT, CPMT
I received my training at the Ojai School of Massage. I am inspired by the effects of the Eastern healing modalities. I practice the most enjoyable and effective techniques of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Marma Point Therapy, Acupressure, and Hot Stone. I approach my massage with an intuitive and nurturing intention. My focus is to promote harmony in the body and mind of the client, and guide them in reconnecting to their highest self.


Priska Schuerpf, CMT
I am originally from Switzerland. I have been a massage therapist for 8 years and studied at the Golden West Holistic Massage in Huntington Beach. I incorporate my specialties, which include, Swedish, Deep Tissue and cranial sacral to meet your individual needs. I am a firm believer that massage has many health and emotional benefits including good circulation, stress relief, pain management and relaxation.


Lovelyn Thiha, MSW, CMP
Lovelyn, founder of Lovelyn Integrative Healing, incorporates her background in Clinical Social Work, Integrated Healing, Massage and Bodywork, along with her intuitive and empathic approach to wellness in order to help others discover and reach their desired life and wellness goals. She specializes in stress, physical pain, trauma, emotional disorders, chronic illness, sleep irregularities, life transitions and self-limiting beliefs.


Ally Arthur, Holistic Esthetician
I began my practice as a licensed Esthetician in 2001 with advanced study and certification in 12 international product lines. Incorporating Eastern therapies and Western holistic applications, my focus is to bring harmonic balance to both skin and spirit.


Kathleen VanDusen, Holistic Esthetician
I have been a licensed Cosmetologist since 1985. After many years in the Hair and Makeup industry, I fell happily into Holistic Skin Care, where I have been immersed for nearly 25 years. I believe your inherent beauty rises from within through intentional healing touch, creating balance of mind and body. By inviting the body back to it’s natural rhythm, your vibrancy shines through. We know that skin ailments are often emotionally related. With a gentle holistic approach, healing can happen on a deep level, from the inside out, bringing the skin back to its naturally healthy state.
My other passions include dancing, yoga, teaching my weekly Doga class (which I created to combine my love of dance and yoga), hiking, time with my nearly grown twins and looking for a bit of adventure and magic most every day.”
Kathleen specializes in our AG~ Aging Gracefully~ Facial and has taken many women on the journey back to their radiant selves through the Before & After Treatment


Sarah Adcock, Acupuncturist
Sarah Adcock, L.Ac. specializes in allergies, digestion issues, stress and emotional balance as well as skincare issues such as eczema and acne. Sarah is a compassionate listener with a uniquely gentle style of this traditional Chinese medicine technique.


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